Photography Intro

I wanted to write a quick intro about me experience with photography and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. I received my first “real” camera in 2010 as a graduation gift after graduating high school. I began taking pictures of anything and everything, and I don’t think I went anywhere without that camera on me. I still have it and use it as a secondary body. I’ll come out now and say all the gear I use is Canon, and I’m a little biased because of that gift.

I currently shoot with a 7d mk II and my main lens is a Canon 400mm f5/6. My second body (and first camera) is a Rebel T1i. I’m still amazed by the image quality I get from it.

I attended Boise State University for Wildlife Biology and have always had a passion for the natural world. It seems like so many people don’t realize how diverse and incredible our world is, and I hope to change that. I’ve always believed that once people are exposed to the beautiful things around them and understand the issues facing our world, they will be inspired to think and act towards conservation.

So, in this section of the blog, I’ll talk about camera gear, destinations, and what it takes to get that shot. I’ll also be sharing images and stories that highlight conservation needs and successes and failures too.

My photography gallery can be viewed here.

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I just want to say welcome to my blog! I hope that this becomes a place that people can learn about the things that I’m passionate about, and follow along with my journey through life.

My name is Ryan and I’m based in Boise, ID. I traveled and lived a lot of different places while growing up and that heavily influenced the things that make me happy. I am happiest when exploring a new place, usually with my camera in hand. I have so far been to 5 out of 7 continents with the goal of reaching all 7. I attended Boise State University to study Wildlife Biology but decided to shift my sights to another career. I hope to continue to use my photography to highlight conservation and other issues facing the world’s wildlife and our environment. I have focused my career goals in the technology field developing websites and software. This career should give me the freedom to work while I travel and pursue my photographic goals and see the world.

I plan to write about photography and conservation, travel and digital nomad lifestyles, and my journey to become a self-taught developer. If there are any questions or requests about topics, please let me know!

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